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As I Slowly go Nuts
May 11th, 2003
Jack wonders about his sexuality after an incident off world and asks Daniel to help him discover the truth
40kb - R

The Last To Know
May 12th, 2003
Paul Davis offers Daniel some friendly advice but ends up dropping a bombshell on his head.
49kb - R

Just Good Friends
May 12th, 2003
Daniel finds Jack holding hands with another man in a gay bar and jumps to all the right conclusions
[Sequal called The Target]
59kb - R

The Art of Queueing
May 14th, 2003
Two men in a Sci-Fi Conventions queue, a Chocolate Brownie and a Janitor's closet!
15kb - PG13

Sammy Saves the Day
May 21st, 2003
Leather Loin cloths, men wearing collars and a slave market in a female dominated society.
24kb - PG

From Darkness into the Light
May 21st, 2003
After the Tollan/Asgard sting operation, Jack works hard to regain Daniels trust and gets much more than he bargained for.
67kb - NC17

Only a Matter of Practice
May 23rd, 2003
Jack tries to get Daniel to relax into the parts they are playing but his friend is strangely reluctant to enter into the spirit of things.
13kb - PG

Hook, Line and Sinker
June 8th, 2003
General Hammond takes matters into his own hands when he believes that Jack's mood is caused by unresolved sexual tension!
[Sequal called The One That Nearly Got Away]
51kb - PG

Tidal Wave
June 14th, 2003
What would happen is Danny confessed his feelings to a totally straight Jack who then freaked?
67kb - NC17

Force of Nature
June 16th, 2003
A slow awakening after a drunken kiss for both men.
134kb - NC17

The One that Nearly Got Away
June 17th, 2003
Sequel to [Hook Line & Sinker]
Three months have passed and all is not well with the boys. General Hammond is forced to intefere again with a little help from the Team
51kb - NC17

Journey's End
June 21st, 2003
My first attempt at a descension fic and I haven't even seen any of S7 yet! Oh well - It takes nearly seven years but finally the clue bus hits them both, and they survive the impact!
13kb - PG

Dirty Minds
July 1st, 2003
Just a bit of silliness
3kb - PG

One Way Ticket
July 5th, 2003
Missing scenes from the original Movie
16kb - PG13

The Dating Game
July 29th, 2003
Jack and Daniel go on a double date but things dont work out as planned!
17kb - R

Just Play it Loud
July 29th, 2003
The team helps Daniel paint his appartment, the boys come to terms with their feelings and there is a gratatious restaurant scene!
80kb - R

One of Those Days
August 5th, 2003
Jack is standing in the briefing room, in his skivvies at gun point - can things GET any worse?
10kb - PG13

September 1st, 2003
"Did the Earth Move for you, Daniel?" - "Well it may have wobbled a bit" an answer to Ximeria's Zero-G challenge.
10kb - R

Knife's Edge
September 2nd, 2003
Daniel asks Jack for a little sample and gets a three course meal instead!
20kb - R

Cordially Invited
September 7th, 2003
Jack and Daniel are invited to attend a funeral but a concerned friend's matchmaking gets Daniel's blood boiling
41kb - R

Translate This
September 13th, 2003
Jack can speak German, but not very well
5kb - PG13

The Target
September 16th, 2003
Nick Pierce teams up with Jack again to capture an escaped criminal who has kidnapped Daniel. But they discover that their adversary is far more dangerous than they had originally thought. Plenty of Whumping to be had. And Daniel stands up for himself!
[Sequal to Just Good Friends]
98kb - NC17

The End of the Beginning
October 3rd, 2003
Short piece done for the End of the Beginning Challenge using picture # 2 ~ and I have to warn you that it's a little sad! Just look at Daniel's eyes.
6kb - PG13

Just Say Yes
October 10th, 2003
Another short piece done for yet another challenge: The "Just Say Yes" challenge
8kb - PG13

Not Even For You
October 15th, 2003
Well it's all about denial and fear really. And it's a very LONG journey of discovery. If you don't like the thought of Daniel with someone other that Jack, try to remember that it's necessary to this plot and adds to the UST greatly. And everyone who knows my style will know that it turns out okay in the end. (It's my first attempt at writing Daniel with someone else. Eeeeek)
143kb - NC17

Coming Out
October 16th, 2003
The guys decide to 'Come Out' to their friends, and the reactions are varied.
37kb - PG13

Cheesewhiz & Twinkies
October 16th, 2003
Jack and Daniel go shopping. Daniel overhears a conversation that makes him wake up and smell the coffee.
25kb - PG13

Just One Glass
October 24th, 2003
The morning after the night before holds more than one shock for the team and Jack remembers why he doesn’t drink wine anymore
14kb - R

Chains that Bind Us
November 9th, 2003
Jack wants a shave, Daniel wants his body, they end up swapping jobs, well mentally anyway. This ficlet was inspired by this lovely image by Ximeria
4kb - PG13

November 24th, 2003
Memories come back to Jack when he takes Daniel to the park to feed the ducks. Warning, its a little sad.
Done with inspiration from this image by Ximeria
8kb - G

Happy Christmas Jack and Daniel
December 5th, 2003
Done for the FNF challenge #36 - holiday surprises
20kb - R

Through the Looking Glass
December 11th, 2003
Jack thinks he's fallen down a rabbit hole when Daniel makes waffles for breakfast and kisses him for good luck, but as time goes by, the colonel begins to see just what he's missing
75kb - PG13

Right Before Your Eyes
December 21st, 2003
Jack and Daniel, from the perspective of two old friends who conspire to make the boys see what's right before their eyes.
85kb - PG13

Spear Fishing
December 26th, 2003
Wet sea, warm sand and hot boys!
Done for the Desert Island challenge
13kb - R

First Timers
January 2nd, 2004
Will nerves get the better of them, and who the hell is Lois?
12kb - PG13

The Cosmic Joker
January 17th, 2004
Someone, or something is screwing with Jack's personal life. Call it 'fate', call in 'karma' or call it the 'cosmic joker', Jack is going to find out what's doing it, but more importantly, why.
40kb - PG

Hearts and Flowers
January 27th, 2004
Trapped on a Russian submarine, about to be eaten alive by replicators, Jack finds a moment of clarity, and comes to terms with his feelings.
104kb - NC17

February 6th, 2004
The Team reflects on why they are glad that Pete now has a top level security clearance, both at SGC and with Sam Carter.
12kb - PG

Queer Eye
February 8th, 2004
The team set Jack up to star in the latest edition of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."
14kb - R

When Angels Weep
February 13th, 2004
This is a missing scene from Heroes as I felt Daniel needed some comfort too.
7kb - PG

Good Morning America
February 24th, 2004
Set well into the future once the SG project has gone public, and Jack is about to be interviewed about his illustrious career on the TV show, 'Good Morning America'.
15kb - PG

The Gateroom
February 29th, 2004
Jack gets to play out a long held fantasy in the gateroom
14kb - R

March, 21st, 2004
Daniel sets out to open Jack’s eyes. It works.
90kb - NC17

Where's the Fish?
March 29th, 2004
Xover with the Sentinel (Jack/Jim)
10kb - PG13

Part 1
April 9th, 2004
"Look, I know a resident psychologist here. I'll have a talk with him. He's good, you'll like him."

How did Fire Chief O'Neill meet Resident Psychologist Doctor Daniel Jackson? This fic is set about 5 years before the events of Changeling.
[Sequal called Conflagration]

23kb - PG

From the Beginning
May 13th, 2004
Daniel tries to resign. There is some confusion over why and some gratatious cooking...
50kb - NC17

Part 2
May 22nd, 2004
Jack is slowly recovering from the death of his son when a new trauma sends him fleeing for solitude. But Daniel knows what he needs.
[Sequal to Inferno]
13kb - PG13

Like Bunnies
May 22nd, 2004
As two lovers get ready for work, they indulge in a little speculative gossip. One thinks Jack and Daniel are goin' at it like bunnies. The other thinks he's nuts. But who's right?
13kb - PG13

The Other Side of the Coin
June 11th, 2004
It's another body swap fic, people, but this time it's done on purpose. Only females are allowed into the city, there are no female archaeologists on the staff. SG1 finds a way around it. How does Daniel cope with controlling his breasts and how does Sam deal with her wayward penis? When will Jack finally stop laughing? And what's with the Snickers bar? For the answers to this and a lot more, read on.
120kb - PG13

If Only
June 21st, 2004
In the aftermath of Sha'uri's loss, Daniel seeks Jack's comfort.
11kb - PG

What's Up, Doc?
August 1st, 2004
There's ALWAYS a plan B
18kb - R

The Man
September 2nd, 2004
Jack is sick and tired of being 'the man'. As he contemplates throwing in the towel, Daniel contemplates ways to keep him sweet.
19KB - NC17

September 15th, 2004
There's a beautiful night sky, and suddenly the rules are meant to be broken
1736 words- NC-17

Abstract Art
September 28th, 2004
The model is Daniel, the artist is Jack, and the pose is 'The Thinker.' The result is... messy!
25KB - NC17

Letting go
October 26th, 2004
Daniel finally decides to move on from his grief over the death of his wife and embarks on a new relationship with his next door neighbor. He's desperate to feel loved and to have a sense of family again. Jack is sure that something is amiss, but for once, he can't trust his own instincts.
153KB - PG13

Second Chances
Jan. 27th, 2005
"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." A look at Jack O'Neill through the eyes of someone who has known him for a very long time.
41KB - PG

Tangled Web
February 17th, 2005
Daniel is looking for something that's been missing from his life for too long. Jack can help him find it, if only Daniel would open his eyes and really see. Illustrated fic
N/A - NC17

Let Your Body Decide
April 11th, 2005
A storm, and a hotel room
9KB - NC17

Like Breathing
June 13th, 2005
Daniel issues a challenge that Jack can't turn down.
18KB - NC17

July 10th, 2005
An old life ends and new one begins
11KB - NC17

As Long as it Takes
Part 1
July 26th, 2005
He knew General Landry would approve the transfer. Landry was a big fan of the Atlantis program, but less of a fan of Daniel himself. He didn't know how to handle the opinionated civilian archaeologist; not like Jack did, anyway.
[Sequal called If It Takes Forever]
37KB - NC17

The Midnight Hour
August 25th, 2005
Intense joy to utter despair in the blink of an eye. Kleenex warning.
9KB - NC17

If it Takes Forever
Part 2
September 2nd, 2005
Jack finally figures out why Daniel is really leaving for Atlantis, but it's too late to do anything about it. Or is it?
[Sequal to As Long As It Takes]
69KB - NC17

Coming Clean
October 13th, 2005
Jack and Daniel have a little confession for General Hammond.
19KB - PG

Under the Mistletoe
December 6th, 2005
Mistletoe and mayhem... A collection of SG drabbles.
4KB - G

February 19th, 2006
Crossover! Due South/Stargate Set about a year after Call of the Wild and approximately 6 months after the death of Shaur'e Jackson, the two men meet at the funeral of a mutual friend and find that they have more in common than they thought.
[SG Sequal called Momentum, and DS sequal called Impetus]
33KB - NC17

March 10th, 2006
Daniel's affair with a Chicago flatfoot gives Jack the momentum to finally take what he wants. This is one of two follow ups to the Due South/Stargate crossover Catalyst
20KB - NC17


Note on Betas
Over the years, I have worked with many fantasitc, wonderful beta readers. I have always credited them at the time of posting to sites such as live journal - and also did so on my website. A few years ago, I had a computer crash and lost the part of the coding for the website that listed the betas by name. There were so many, that I couldnt remember them all and therefore decided not to name some if I couldn't name them all. Even though thier names are not listed here, I want anyone who has beta read for me to know that I appreciate all the hard work they have done and they should know that my stories would not be anywhere near as good without thier input. THANK YOU!