Sentinel Fiction Index
All Senfic now uploaded, some with new covers

Who Watches the Watcher?
December 29th, 2007
Sometimes Jim worries too much.
13kb - PG

Comparative Study
September 21st, 2004
Blair *really* puts Jim's senses to the test
15kb - PG13

July 6th, 2004
It's an important day for the guys, but what's the occasion?
7kb - PG

May 1st, 2004
The Major Crimes Team go to see a stage magician and hypnotist, Jim is under a spell and Police porperty (handcuffs) are definately misused
43kb - NC17

Where's the Fish?
March 29th, 2004
Xover with Stargate (Jack/Jim)
10kb - PG13

So Much to Do, So Little Time
December 5th, 2003
Jim offers Blair a little stress relief
7KB - PG13

All in Good Time
November 29th, 2003
Jim is all out of Paprika but there is still plenty of spice in this story as Blair treats Jim to his very own 'love action porn flick' with some interesting results
28KB - NC17

Hair Trigger
November 17th, 2003
Blair is left to cope with a rather over stimulated sentinel when Jim's girlfriend walks out leaving him high and not so dry.
17KB - R

Break a Leg
November 13th, 2003
Blair joins an amateur dramatics group and lands a prime part, and Jim helps him 'rehearse'. This soon leads to a standing ovation. In more ways than one.
28KB - R


Note on Betas
Over the years, I have worked with many fantasitc, wonderful beta readers. I have always credited them at the time of posting to sites such as live journal - and also did so on my website. A few years ago, I had a computer crash and lost the part of the coding for the website that listed the betas by name. There were so many, that I couldnt remember them all and therefore decided not to name some if I couldn't name them all. Even though thier names are not listed here, I want anyone who has beta read for me to know that I appreciate all the hard work they have done and they should know that my stories would not be anywhere near as good without thier input. THANK YOU!