Merlin Fiction Index
All Merlin fics are now uploaded, some with new artwork

The Purple Shirt
8 October 2011
Rating: R

“When a servant wears Royal Purple, it signifies that he has his master’s favour, trust and protection. Neither harm nor insult will come to you as long as you wear it.”It turned out though, that wasn’t all it signified.

Love is Friendship Set on Fire
18 March 2011
Rating: Adult
Arthur tossed Merlin his breeches. “You’re here to make camp, Merlin. Unload the horses, raise the tents, set a fire and prepare the food we brought.” Arthur finished stripping and straightened up to give Merlin a strange look. “Most of all, try to ignore anything you see happening in the lake.”
Wordcount: 10,000

That Little Voice of Reason
13 February 2011
Rating: Adult
During a hunting trip, Arthur and Merlin seek shelter
WordCount: 2,237

Someone Very Special
9 February 2011
Rating: General
Hunnith is knitting a baby shawl in anticipation of meeting Merlin's very special lady friend
Word Count: 609

First Time for Everything
8 February 2011
Rating: Mature
Arthur has been feeling monumentally horny for days. And Merlin smells damned good!
Word Count: 1,446

Poorly Equipped
4 February 2011
Rating: G
Merlin Hates Snow. Athur... kinda loves it.

Cold Light of Day
15 December 2008
Rating: G
Merlin is wracked with guilt when he uses magic to win Arthur's heart

The Hunt
18 December 2008
Rating: G
Merlin misunderstands.
Arthur doesnt seem to mind

The Begining
22 February 2009
Rating: PG
Just Merlin being Protective

Note on Betas
Over the years, I have worked with many fantasitc, wonderful beta readers. I have always credited them at the time of posting to sites such as live journal - and also did so on my website. A few years ago, I had a computer crash and lost the part of the coding for the website that listed the betas by name. There were so many, that I couldnt remember them all and therefore decided not to name some if I couldn't name them all. Even though thier names are not listed here, I want anyone who has beta read for me to know that I appreciate all the hard work they have done and they should know that my stories would not be anywhere near as good without thier input. THANK YOU!